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If on grounds purely and exclusively public or at any rate exclusive of all private/the least private regard for me you can not
find sufficient motive to take upon you the mediation I venture
to propose, I neither ask nor so much as wish you, to think of
it in any other.

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has at all times and others both systems been
composed. Under the old system, the bondage
and with it the confinement was remissible as has been stated elsewhere + on by
purchase or on any other power granted at the pleasure will of the an individual entrusted the
known possessor of the property in the service under the new System neither the one
not the other is remissible but by the Agent of the
Crown, nor therefore but upon public grounds.
More than this,
+ Letter 1. to Lord Pelham

To witness the inevitable indeletible shame as well as serious
personal danger of so many a number of public men towards to whom you are
bound by such powerful ties, and whose eyes must be encountering
yours every day, is that sort of task to which I can
not now attempt to impose upon you without great reluctance:
and if any thing it had been past their ears had not, with
the most desperate obstinacy their ears had not been shut
against all less irksome representations, humiliating applications neither they nor you not they
would have been troubled with this.

danger which by your
interposition may perhaps possibly
be averted, accompanied
by a degree of shame which
no interposition can
altogether avert

To te give you at once convey in a word a pretty impressive conception
of the sort of halter which so many lofty men are at this
time wearing about their necks without being sensible of it, though
I can not say without deserving it — I must beg you to cast a glance
towards N.S. Wales, and another at the Habeas Corpus Act.

Panopticon not
the better for Peels
misconduct about
N. S. Wales.
Answer Goodness
of Panopticon never

Where is the connection say you? — What is certain is
that Panopticon is neither better nor worse for the criminality illegality
and folly that has been manifested in the foundation
and management of N.S. Wales. What is equally
so is that it is no worse: and that it is not from by the
any the smallest suspicion that has ever entered the head
of any human being that is ha the treatment it has met
with has been produced, but by the base and sordid new
resolution taken to make take the caprice of Lord
Belgrave for the spring and standard of penal justice — It
is therefore to force them to let obey the dictates of their
own consciences that I apply the only instrument to the
touch of which such minds are sensible.

The maxim Mr Addlington finds has willingly found it convenient to adopt is that
Mr Pitt can do no wrong: and that he may not be obliged to part with it
his determination has been to neither never to hear or read any thing to the contrary.
He has taken for his model the Judge spoken of in the Newspaper that has lies
just been brought me. I also imagine was more to suffer more on the side of a cause to be
heard hearing both sides he said confused him.

For Mr Addington to be
confused I should suspect
to be a matter of no great
difficulty. or not
he is not much no less to be wondered
at, if while he is sticking
to a spite of law and morality to what appears presents itself to him as the safe .

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