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To C. Ch.

It was on Friday the 10th instant I understand, Decr if I do not misrecollect that a sheet of paper
was put into your hands by Lord Henry Petty, containing a Statement of
several violations of the constitution on the part of the late
Ministry [under two principal heads: a violation of the
Habeas Corpus Act: [+] [+] 2. exercise of
illegal powers of
legislation by the
Servants of the Crown
in a distant dependency
(N.S. Wales)
without authority
from Parliament.
3. Violations of Magna Charta and
the Bill of Rights by a professed assumption and encrease
of the power of taxation by a servant of the Crown a
single Lord of Parliament. in direct repugnance to an Act of
Parliament referred to by himself and noted as inexpedient.

It was explained to you I understand that the
correctness of the notion conceptions in respect to the several questions
of him did not rest upon the opinion of any such obser unknown
opinion person as myself: and in proof of it, mention was made of of that of Mr Romilly was
referred to, a gentleman who, besides being known to every body as a lawyer has the honour I understand of
being well known not unknown to you as a man.

It was further reputed to me that after reading ten
or a dozen lines Mr Fox put the paper in Your his pocket, saying
you he would consider of it.

My time age of Life is much about the same as yours, and in
that time I have not been an altogether inattentive unconcerned observer having diverted myself to the study of legislation
of the political occurrences and in all that time I never
remember to have witnessed an violation of law that
in respect of repugnancy to the universally acknowledged principles
of the constitution seemed capable of being put in comparison
with the most least inconsiderable of these this. On the part of
Parliament itself I have seen many things complained of
as will often happen: but under the constitution as it exists,
I have always been prepared (except in encreasable volume cases such
as have not presented to themselves to my observation) to submitt
with resignation to whatever I deem expedient right or wrong
or not by Parliament.

It speaks solely for
It went unaccompanied
undisparaged by any
thing like a request
by so much as a single
word from me. I could
not say bring myself to
say either of myself
that I should hold myself
specially bound to you for
fulfilling such a any such public duty,
or if your fulfilled
it, it would be for
any such cause as
that of obliging me.

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