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28 July 1808 + 2
J.B. to Mallet &c
2 Introduction

Two objects of the Charge
1. Self-preservation
against vexation in
respect of the Account
in question
2. Preservation aga of
future Accountants
against the like.

1. No need of J.B.'s appearance in support of the Charge |
2. Intended for |
3. thence of giving this , at |
4. Now two papers
A & B.
5. Add Amicus Curiae

In transmitting this paper of Charges, I had two objects
the one private and personal, the other public.

The personal object was the liberating myself if possible
from the load of vexation, imposed upon me by
what seemed to b me to be the misconduct of the
Officer therein complained against, a burthen to which
without some such exertion on my part I could foresee
no end.

The public object was, the preserving other if possible
individuals from the like vexation, considered as liable to flow and from the same
source, such other individuals to whom it might happen to
find themselves in a situation similar to that by which
the burthen so complained of had been imposed upon

Root of the vexation
discovered in the
established practice of the Board

On n considering however the nature and apparent
this vexation with a view to its causes, it appeared
an idea
a conception that presented itself to me was that
howsoever it whatsoever aggravation it may have
received from what appeared to me the misconduct
of the individual the subordinate Officer in question, there was at the same time
in the practice of the Board Judicatory itself circumstances were not altogether wanting, in the from which
the like vexation inconvenience of the same nature would in general be but too apt to
arise. Hence, although in respect of the personal
object above stated, the complaint in question might, in
the event of its receiving the expected being found to merit the notice sought
for by it, prove sufficient, yet for t in regard to the
major greater and public object, the public one saving of preserving to future Accountants
more g or less of the sort of vexation of which I had had experience
the liberty taken in aim of this address would fall short of the its mark
unless were I
were to stop here
unless I took the
further liberty of submitting
to the Board
the supposed defects
in question, in the light
in which they had presented
themselves to my view.

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