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J.B. to Mallet &c
§§.1. Introduction

Measures and Arrangements, submitted humbly suggested to the Commissioners of the Audit Board
in the character of remedies to certain supposed
defects in the practice of that judicatory.

1. Due Due and 1 Promulgation of the rules of practice of the — Due and Efficient promulgation, or notification to
be given made to A the Suitors (the Accountants) of concerning the pr
rules of procedure observed by the judicatory in its practice, in so far
for forth as the knowledge of such practice may come to be necessary to them for
their guidance.

2. Vouchers not to be impounded without notice.

3. Imposition of needless pecuniary charges on Accountants
to be prevented.

43. Pers Accountants to be personally examined subjected to personal examination at
the outset, whenever the occasion, or the Accountant, calls
for it.

4. Imposition of needless pecuniary charges to be prevented.

5. The Members of the Board judicatory to be subjected to the check
for personal individual moral responsibility, by the same checks as check analogous to those
which have place in this case of the superior Judges.

Reason of addressing
this paper to Somerset
Place — Lawyers are

On these sever the In relation the four first of these several heads
such ideas as I have to submitt are contained in
sent along in company with the Letter, forming the in the Appendix attached to it,
the division marked A.

Not to draw too largely at one time, upon the patience and
indulgence of the Board, the remaining head, in consideration of the delicacy
of the subject, and the extraordinary quantity of paper length of discussion which
it seemed to demand, is reserved for an ulterior commendation,
(B) which is expected to follow in a few days.

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