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18 Aug. 1808
J.B. to Mallet Audit Office

J.B. to Mallet

1 Succedanious Sheet

Succedanious page page page 5. Sent in the
of the one objected to by Mallet & Wilshaw in conversation with Mr Thorn

By way of ansr to the question I submitt
of follows considerations—

The reason One is that the directing the communication to
Somerset Place, I direct address it to a spot the place which is
at any rate the chief seat of the Commission
from which I received the original summons
which placed me under the authority of the

1. In Somerset Place is the Place I observe to be the station of the Board at which, by the
Court Calendar, all the gentlemen are represented as
sitting whose names who are therein mentioned in the quality
of Members of the Board Commissioners: and the matter of
the communication is such that supposing it to
have any claim at all to notice: it can not
with any propriety [+] be addressed to [+] be submitted to
submitt its all
whatever claim
it may have to
the attention of

any one part
of the Commission
remove the eyes of any of the Members expect sollicit the any the
one part

Members body/those gentlemen to the exclusion of the rest any other.

2. Somerset Place is the spot station seat of the Office to which this very the individual
Account at in question originally belonged : the office from which
I received the first original summons which placed me by which I was placed
found myself placed under the jurisdiction of the Board.

3. Of the considerations which form the matter of the
two first of the three papers, which constituting the
Appendix to my abovementioned paper of Answers are at
the same time transmitted to the Office at the Adelphi,
a considerable part turn on the practice of the superior Courts
at Westminster Hall and other points of Law. Turning Opening
to the Court Calendar my only I have the satisfaction of seeing
the Chair of the Commission filled by a dignitary of the Law:
and Somerset Place being at any rate the chief and as well
as original station of the Commission is the place at spot in which
which the Chair of the Commission may naturally be supposed to be placed.

a document in which
in so obscure a
station as never
a man

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