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19 July 1808 + A. J.B. Queries to Board 1
J.B. Queries to Board
1 1. Item 2.

[A.] Queries
Submitted by the Accountant Jeremy Bentham Esquire to the Audit Board, pra
praying information necessary [to him] for his guidance:

Before I this communication is closed, For his
guidance, and to enable him, so far as lies in his
power, to fulfill compl the pleasure of the Board, it is
has become altogether necessary to the Accountant, to trouble the Board
on his part, with a divers few Queries: hoping /trusting on his
part that the change thus made from the character
of the interrogator respondent to that of char interrogator
will not be imputed to have as any
mark of want of respect, the it not being in the
power of the meanest individual person to fulfull the pleasure
of the highest, any further than as he has possesses the advantage
of knowing what it is

Item 2

I. Queries in relation to Item 2.

1. Quere Query in regard relation to Item 2. (Paid Booth & Co
for cast iron &c being the subject of Mr Chief Inspector's Queries Nos 2 & 3) £1751.11s.9d

1. The Accountant having by and with the first of his Letter
of the 14 of July 25th of May 1808 th sent in a full and particular
Account delivered to him by the said Booth and
Co, of the whole amount with the several articles of which
it is composed — will this Account, as it stands at present,
be accepted as entitling the Accountant to his
discharge in respect of this article, so soon as "a
"regular stamped receipt from Booth and Co" as required
in and by Mr Chief Inspector's Query No 2
shall have been delivered?

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