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19 July 1808 + 2
J.B. Queries to Board
2 1: Item 2. Item 2

2. If not in its present state, will it with the
help of any and what ulterior authentication, or security
for correctness? as for instance an affidavit from
any and what person, being a member of, or in the
service of, the said partnership?

3. Should that document not be sufficient, will it
be rendered so, by the acknowledgment other document sent in by the Accountant at the same time, viz the stampt receipt
dated [+] [+]Give the date of the Receipt given by Mr White, surviving partner of the firm of of 1808
Campbell and White, whereby the receipt of the cast
iron from the said Booth and Co, and of payment
of £80 in consideration for four years paid by the Accountant for wharfage rent, thereof
for four years ending the 1st of Decr 1798, for the use of their wharf at Milbank,
by in respect of the deposit
of the said cast iron for during that time is acknowledged?

4. Should these three documents not be of themselves
deemed sufficient, will they be rendered so by the ulterior testimony attestation of
the person mentioned in quality of Fireman of the events in question by whom they were ordered
and received as they came in, viz. Mr John Lloyd, an item the quan
of the Accountant and in the annext quere annect to Item 4 who in the Query annexed to Item the 4th
is mentioned as having "superintended the delivery thereof"
viz at the said wharf? and if so, in what shape is it
the pleasure of the Board to receive such his testimony?
his in that of an affidavit, as proposed, in and by the said Queries
or not without his personal attendance as ye Witness for the purpose
of his being examined upon oath or otherwise as therein
also proposed?

5. The non forthcomingness of three out In the instance of Of the six
original Invoices, three not being missing and not
producible, is such deficiency regarded by the Board Commissioners
as binding them or authorising them to disallow
the Accountant's discharge b in respect of the corresponding
disbursements, notwithstanding the other evidence tendered as above?
and if so in what
principle or rule of law is
such allowance

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