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11 July 1808 + Answers A 1
Answers Query 1
1. Requisition 1

(In this article I distinguish four requisitions:
which for the convenience of reference I have (in pencil)
numbered accordingly.

[Requisition the 1st "The Accountant is required to state
"under what authority the expences were incurred by him
"in preparations for an intended Penitentiary Establishment.]

<p>Answer to Requisition 1st The information thus required from
me was had already been furnished and from a more satisfactory
source: viz in and by the very document which constitutes the Commissioners in
the Board in its their first letter to me,; viz of the dated 1807 letter grounded itself themselves upon as the sole constituting [+]1
their authority, and its their sole authority — for calling upon me to render this account I
speak of the King's Warrant having date the 11th of June 11 June 1794
1794. It is printed in the 28th document very document or mass of documents, to which in this same article of his, Mr Chief
Inspector makes reference
the letter which Mr Chief Inspector had before him [+]2 G viz [+]2
viz. the 28th Report of the Committee of Finance made Ao 1798 p.66
[I had made reference.] and is therein printed on the very page in which the draft he here speaks of is printed, viz. p.66. The title of it, as there printed
is — King's Warrant, Jeremy Bentham Esquire £2,000 to
"enable him to make the necessary preparations for the custody
"of the Convicts to be confined in the proposed Penitentiary Houses"
In the body of the instrument the words specially applying to this subject
are "to enable him to make such preparations as may be
"necessary for the custody and care of the Convicts proposed to
"be confined in the Penitentiary Houses, intended to be erected at
"Battersea Rise, or on such piece or pieces of ground as
"may be appointed for that purpose."

Information from such superior authority, and so exactly can receive
any answer

quadrating with the terms of the information required, ought (
I should have hoped) have been sufficient to satisfy any [the curiosity of]
Mr Chief Inspector. I am altogether at a loss to conceive how that could be entertained on this head. The Accountant I am
By any answer furnished from any so much less trustworthy a source, any as that applied to
declaration (viz. the declaration of the Accountant himself) how that satisfaction

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