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11 July 1808 + 2 2
Query 1

justice could can receive in what I am altogether at a loss to conceive, any encrease. If, it had occur
finding that the information, given in the clause in question of that pubic document not sufficiently satisfactory, it had
occurred to him to quote the clause stating in what respect
it failed of being satisfactory, I should the Accountant would I should not have
had to contend with the uncertainty I am perplexity under which he is I am now labouring

[+] [+] In the first of my the
two first Letters to
which accompanied
my Account (date
of the Letters in July
1807) is it 22 or
a paragraph, numbered
3, is in these words, viz
..."The nature of the
"transaction, in the
"course of which the
"money in question
"was received by me,
"and the history of
"it down to June
"1798 may be
"seen in my evidence,
"as given by
"me to the Committee
"on Finance, and
"printed in the 28th
"of their Reports."
C In this document,

In his my examination before the said Committee, as printed in
p.76 of their said Report, may be seen a statement made
by myself himself myself of one authority received by one me him to the same
effect at an earlier period, viz. in July 1793: at which
time as I there say In I there say — "I was twice called upon, and both
"times in the same terms" 'to take my arrangements.' The
persons therein referred to were perfectly known to the persons
to whom I he on the occasion of that annunciation statement, he was addressing myself himself. Not a syllable of it
was ever contreverted by any body. If after the information
thus already received from the highest source, Mr
Chief Inspector insists is pleased to insist upon any ulterior information or
explanation from a so much inferior source I have the Accountant has
no other objection to the furnishing it, than what is inflicted
by the idea of the useless trouble it would afford
give to myself himself to furnish so much irrelevant matter,
and to the Board to read and consider it.

Here then is the information of a still more particular nature
already given furnished, and from the inferior source
thus unnecessarily to viz. the declaration of the Accountant
himself: the question therefore was and is doubly superfluous.
Considerations of decorum and procedure, printed restrained
me, on that occasion, from naming either of the two Ministers
I had in view. If the object of the query of Mr Chief Inspectors'
was to know who they were, he should have said so
declared as much: I should in that case have known what
answer to give: on this head finding him not satisfied with what is above that, it is impossible
for the to so much as to guess what it is would satisfy him.

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