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24 July 1808 + 3
Query 1


That evidence of mine having thus been unavoidably
brought to view: it seems necessary for me here to say
that neither on no occasion whatsoever, in no mode of communication
whatsoever, written or oral, has so much as
a syllable of it been ever controverted to by any body: although
no person can glance over it without perceiving, that
from the nature of it, there must have been persons more
than one and those of no mean account, by whom
if in any part of it had been susceptible of being
controverted, it would not naturally have passed uncontroverted. [+] [+] This tacit recognition
[+] I mention the as
a fact, because if
untrue, the truth of
it may so easily
be disproved.
In respect of the substance and general complexion and
of it, of the evidence therein delivered it will be found to receive, in the b way of anticipation, confim — not contestation
but confirmation, by from a Treasury Letter to
the Committee, signed "Charles Lang" and dated the 4th of
May 1798 being the month preceding that in which this evidence
was delivered; which Letter there will printed in the Report
in question in the same leaf as the above Kings Warrant, I shall presently have occasion
to quote.

As to the persons the above attended to they were
perfectly known, (I mean it was practical perfectly known who were the two persons referred to) by several of the persons, to whom on the occasion of
that statement I was addressing myself.

The works in question were likewise at the time, matters
of no ordinary degree of notoriety: having been visited not only
by the two Ministers there alluded to, and most if not many if not most or all of the persons
who during the space of five years therein spoken of were either
Commissioners or Secretaries of the Treasury, but by other Ministers
of both Houses of Parliament, in number more than sufficient
in the Lower House House of Commons to make a House, and in the
House of Lords to make several Houses.

A mass of evidence applying in so printed a manner
to the first and introductory leading query of Mr Chief Inspector,
how came it to have bee remained thus compleatly unnoticed
by him? Is it that the individual by whom it was
delivered was in his judgment a person not on any occasion
to be believed? If On that supposition, the queries exp which
in these papers have no other object than the extracting of ulterior
evidence from the same source, are therefore all of the from first to last superfluous and unwarrantable.

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