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11 July 1808 + 8
Quere 1
(1 4. Requisition 4.

[4. Requisition the 4th. "And to transmitt to this Office
"the originals or authenticated copies of any letters
"or communication he may have received from the Treasury."]


After the documents already herein quoted or referred to,
and for the reasons already given in and by my Answer
to the 2d and 3d of these requisitions, which documents were,
at the time of penning these requisitions, under the eye of
Mr Chief Inspector — or without his default wilful default or neglect might it and
would have been — I object to this requisition, it
is par not only irrelevant, and useless, and particularly but in a more particular degree vexatious.

The documents which he had before him being, in my
view of the matter, as above given, abundantly sufficient to the purpose, I
see no bounds to the quantity of useless matter [+] [+] hereby called for by him, the greater in the probable
quantity of which
any more than
in the relevance
and utility of
which, he seems
not to have vouchsafed
a thought
while thus determined endeavouring
to load
me with
the trouble and expence of which he seems inclined to load furnishing it.

On the occasion in question, The authority of the Board, if my conception of it be correct, is limited to the inquiry —
whether the a sum of money equal to a
sum received by me from the Treasury for a certain purpose
was has or has not been applied by me to that purpose.

Though the curiosity of Mr Chief Inspector goes so far
beyond, his authority does not go a little beyond, the authority
of the Board. His curiosity seems to extend to the whole
of the correspondence which, during the course of about 15 years I have had with the
said Lords Commissioners Treasury Board on the subject of Penitentiary
Houses. To that curiosity I have not on my own
part, on any other score than that of the trouble and expence; waste of time, labour, and money
any objection or reluctance, to giving the fullest satisfaction but on that score my reluctance is
real and very considerable strong and decisive. [+] [+] On a former occasion
viz the Lord Commissioners
sitting in Somerset Place had the goodness (I think)
to apply to the Treasury
for information for an article so which
could circumstanced as to be in a more advantageous
manner be
supplied from that superior
source, than from any at
my command: if on this
occasion it be their pleasure
to take the same course, they have hereby full certainty from me then to signify my full assent to it being communicated.

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