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24 July 1808 + 10
Query 2


But if of the three articles which he immediately after
speaks of as liable eventually to be deducted from my
st discharge any one be so deducted, then in that event the trouble
and expence of procuring the receipt hereby called for
will be the in so far as sustained, have been injuriously imposed.

The natural As between the Query No 2 and the next Query
No 3 the proper as well as natural order it is submitted was — first
to have put the query by which the difficulties were
started created, and after that, the query the
requisition of which could not have been nor can be
conformable to justice, if at all, till these difficulties
have been, removed if ever it should happen to them
to have been removed.

On the 14th of March 1808 I sent caused a Letter
to be sent to Booth & Co inclosing a 5d stamp with a form of a receipt in
such form state as presented itself themselves to me as being capable
of answering the purpose: having such blanks in it
as seemed requisite, and desiring them requesting of the persons in question that they would transcribe
it, after filing up such of the blanks, or such of them
as they found themselves able to fill up consistently
with the truth, and making in it the terms of it whatsoever
allocations, if any, might by those, to whom
alone the facts were distinctly originally known, be found necessary
to render it conformable to the truth.

By In a letter from them dated the 17 of March 1808
I received my stampt paper filled up with a form
conformable in the main to the form above sent but
in which I noted observed some : and they stating some speaking of certain
difficulties which they did not seem to look upon as yet entirely
surmounted, I sent returned to them the receipt so sent [+]
[+] by "Letter of mine dated 22 March
1808, in consequence
of which by a letter dated 25 Mar 1808 they sent
to me the full and corrected
Account transmitted
by me to the Board Audit Office by my Letter dated 24 May 1808.

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