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24 July 1808 + 11
Query 2


Should it ever happen to me to know whether the
whole of this £1751.14.9 or, if a part only, what
part, will, in the event of my producing from them a
Receipt, to that amount, according to the requisition
contained in this Query, be allowed to me in the way
of discharge, I propose then in that event to write to them afresh,
furnishing them with a fresh form of a receipt,
which a if the same be such as may for which
a 5d stamp so sent as above may serve, I
shall propose to desire them to write on the other side
of the same paper, cancelling what is written on it already.

Had the amount sum total of the Bills of Exchange drawn upon me by
Booth & Co and by me paid through the medium of
my Bankers equalled and quadrated with the sum total of their charges
on me for goods sold and delivered on account of the intended
Penitentiary Establishment, it might then perhaps have been
a question, had it been thought by me worth while to
make it one, why whether the production of these the
whole number of these Bills of exchange, the payment
of which would have been sufficiently evidenced by the
circumstance of them having come into my possession,
would not have been sufficient evidence of payment
to the purpose of my discharge on this my Account with
Government, without "a regular stamped receipt from
"Booth & Co as required by this Query No 2 of
Mr Chief Inspector.

If my recollection of the papers that are to serve as
Vouchers to this 2d item on my account be correct, if
six at least Bills of exchange paid drawn by the
myself or my said Brother, and paid by the one or other of
five only were included in that collection of Vouchers.

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