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12 July 1808 +
Query 3


The extract in question is an a written assertion declaration,
made by the manufacturers in question, and declaring that the goods
mentioned in it were sent as mentioned. The What
Mr Chief Inspector lays so much stress upon under the
name of an original Invoice can not have amounted
to more, and may very well have not amounted
to so much. If (for example) the goods
in question were sent (as I believe was the case) either
by sea or by an inland and comparatively long
Carriage by consuls, the Invoice, with a letter of
advice, might very well have been sent by post; in which case it would have spoken
and consequentlyspoken of the goods either as being dispatched sent, or as being about to be despatched sent: in which same case it might have happened
to the goods not never to have arrived at all, not so
much as to have been sent.

A possible case, it is true, be — that of a collusion
between the Accountant and the Manufacturers; and, in
the way of forgery, Account-Books fabricated, or altered by
them for that purpose. Another possible case — and
as being more simple and feasible, less improbable — is —
that of a false accou statement made by them, stating
such and such article to be confirmable to their
books; when, in the books themselves, nothing to that effect
is contained.

[But] To this I answer — Neither in the shape of forgery, nor in
any other shape, will fraud be prevented without some special ground. But evidence
and that if it be were to be presumed, it would be just as
easy to presume it, and there would be as good ground
to presume it, exercising itself at an anterior period: in and by the production
of false invoices, as at a later period, exercising itself
in and by the production manufacture of false entries in Books of Account, or false-copies
from true entries.

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