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12 July 1808 +
Query 3.


To give the better colour to the supposition suggestion
contained in the expression copies of copies, the supposition,
implicidly tacitly indeed, but my by necessary implication,
made by Mr Chief Inspector, is this; viz that in the
f document was first written — written before all other
documents — was the b Invoice: viz. the very paper
which containing a list of the articles in question, and that was
under that the name of an Invoice sent along with the
goods: or along with them, or else after them or before them, as the case may
be: that from of the paper a transcript, in terminis,
was entered in some Account Book: — and in that transcript
he views beholds his copy: In the parties individual cost in
question he observes sees before him a paper signed by the manufacturers in question and [+] [+] (this, from in what
form his statement
I take for granted
my recollection not
serving me in this
particular) purporting,
I say, to
"an extract
"from their books
" — and in the paper he beholds
the "copy" of a copy" To enable himself to call it
so, what he inferences is — that the Invoice sent was written
before the article to the same effect was entered in the Books.
But how does he know this? or where is the r in the
nature of the case what is there that warrants him to suppose in supposing one
of the two orders of priority to have had place in preference to the other?
A case as likely as any seems to be — that, alone when for the purpose of being sent, the
goods were to be collected, some Clerk, went with a piece
of blank paper in his hand, went about from place to
place, wherever the goods happened then to be stowed; and,
as he found them, one after another, set them down one
after another: and that the rough list so taken, being too
rough to be sent into the hands of strangers under the
name of an Invoice, a fair transcript was taken of it:
and that it was the transcript so made that, b with or after
or before the goods, was sent off in the character of an Invoice.

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