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12 July 1808 +
Query 3


Since the delivering in of the said my own Account, viz. by
By and with my letter of the to wh
the Secretary of the Board, Audit Office at the Adelphi I sent a paper purporting to be a full and
compleat Account received from the manufacturers in question,
Booth and Co , stating all the goods ever sent t by them
to and for the use of my said Brother; distinguishing, with the utmost
precision, and care, from the goods sent in what may be called
my account, the goods to a comparatively small amount, sent
to him on other accounts. The abovementioned Mr Lloyd being ready
to depose to the receipt of the several parcels of goods
imprested in that my account, [+] [+] and being also
all along acquainted with
the goods sent on
those other accounts
in my humble conception
of the matter, and as I honestly insist, all consideration
and discussion about Invoices is and was superfluous. If
they those manufacturers are to be believed, they sent those goods; and re in
payment for those goods, received that money: if they are not to
be believed, neither are the lists sent by them on in
the character of Invoices to be believed. But Mr Lloyd
will prove that goods, of the quality and of in the quantity
mentioned in that Account of theirs, were received by him,
and kept by him, viz. at the above mentioned wharf, on my account:
and as to the prices of such goods, viz. the prices borne by such goods, at the respective times) they are
matter of notoriety; and may if it were worth while, might be proved by pl any body
in the trade. The truth is — [+]2 [+] if what
[+]2 if the information
all along given to
me at the time
was correct,
the prices (£12 per ton) so paid to
them these Sheffield Iron founders were considerably under the London prices: so that
if either a London manufacturer Iron founder, or one used to produce
the like goods of a London manufacturer iron founder, were asked about
the price, he would make the sum considerably more;
for example nearer £2000 perhaps for example than the £1751. 11s. 9d charged and
received by them.

As to Mr Lloyd's testimony hereby tendered, true it is
that it had already been tendered by me, and to this same
purpose, on the face of the Account itself: viz. on the "Query
"respecting the need of proof
" marked at the foot of it. True it is that
of [+]3
[+]3 of the tender so made, Mr
and lying before him, Mr
Chief Inspector has not
thought fit to take any
more notice than if it
had not been made: but
whether it be in the power
of a Chief Inspector of
Accounts, by forbearing
to take notice of an article of evidence sent in or tendered by an Accountant, to deprive the Accountant of the benefit of it is among the questions that
must be submitted by to the Board.

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