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16 July 1808 + C 22
After Query 6
1 Treasury why not
applied to

It may be proper perhaps for me, on this occasion before I conclude
to call to mind, the option sort of optionary recommendation, which the Board,
by Mr Secretary Mallet's Letter of the 28th of October 28 Oct. 1807
1807, the indulgence attention of the Board, that is I mean of the gentleman members to me unknown of whom on
that occasion, it happened to be composed, were was pleased
to give me indulge me with: viz that of representing to
the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury
in respect of certain difficulties
which in my first Letter had been mentioned stated by me — a recommendation to represent them
to the Lords of the Treasury, with a view of being
relieved from the Account.

I will now state for For the information of these Gentlemen,
should this paper be destined ever to reach their
hands, I will now state why it was I did not think it proper to avail
myself of the option so aff suggestion I was thus favoured with.

Of the five articles of discharge selected by me and composing
together a sum little less than double the sum charged
upon me, there were is not one of which I was not satisfied well
assured (and I continue still to be assured) of substantiating
by such evidence as no Court of justice in Westminster
Hall would, or ever does, refuse. Being therefore settled
as it seemed to me, entitled as of right, to receive as a discharge
of right, a discharge from the ordinary authority, it did not seem
proper necessary to me, or advisable, to apply for it,
as a matter
depart from the ordinary course of business, for the
purpose of applying for it suing for such my right, as a matter of favour, at
the hands of an extraordinary one.

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