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13 July 1808 2
J.B. to Audit Office 13 July 1808

It has therefore occurred to me, [+] [+] for the avoidance of
an inconvenience
in which MrChief
Inspector and eventually
the Board would have their share
, to submitt it to the
Board whether it might not be better that all papers
before sent in by me to serve as Vouchers should
not be returned resubmitted to me to be returned
by me at the same time with my Answers as aforesaid.

In this proposal I mean to include the two documents that accompanied
my said letter of the last: viz. Mr
Messrs Booth and Co Account recently furnished Account respecting
article 2 in my account, and Mr White's

White's receipt for the £50 being article 3d in my
account that they may be numbered by me along with the preceding ones, and so incorporated
with the aggregate
mass of Vouchers
: but I do not mean to include the Books
de sent in by me to serve as Vouchers for article 4th
though for because since their bulkiness, which it would preclude their being
sent by the post, might at the same time expose
me to a the suspicion of making having in the interval
between my receipt and resubmission of them
made alterations of s in some way or other in some part of the
contents: nor does it appear to me but that for
any observations which I shall have to make on that
head, such general recollection as I have of the
general nature of the contents will be sufficient. As
to the paper which is marked C that and was designed to help
serve for the explanation of them these Books, I know not of any
particular use that I may have for it, but if there be
no objection, I suppose it may as well accompany
the other papers as not.

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