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4 Aug. 1808 6
J.B. to Mallet &c

10 2
Admission that
In this individual
instance, no particular
great vexation has
hitherto been the result

On the present occasion, it is no part of my intention
to pos attempt to draw down even upon a power of the compulsion
above descript delineated/brought to view were absolute and unqualified

Under dire limitations, and accompanied with dire
notification, I do not on this occasion, to be the use of it which is obvious, may
understood as passing closure giving judgment power.
for ought I see, not having bent my attention particularly
to the subject, may outweigh the abuse.

But this brings to
view a subject
in relation to which
notification of the
practice of the Board
seems particularly

The purpose and the sole purpose for which I
take the liberty of thus bringing it here to view, is that
of submitting to the Board whether it be not fitting
that consideration should be had of the limitations
necessary to prevent it from being converted into an
instrument of abuse — and above all things
whatever limitation be or be not applied to it,
that of the existence and habitual exercise of it due
notice be given, in every instance, to an Accountant;
that lest for want of such notice he may
find himself without his consent, divested of a
part of his property, a part to the value of which no certain
limit applicable to every case can be assigned.

12 — 3
In the instance in
question the papers
inconvenience, as
it happened was
limited to the
obligation of speaking
from loose imperfect
recollection, instead
of voices, —
the papers not
being material,
except to the Account
in question

In the instance of the particular incident which
brought the power and practice in question into view though
in answer to an application made by me to the Board for
a temporary return of some certain papers that had been sent
in by me, I received a refusal, I do it is no
part of my intention to speak to that refusal as
groundless, or as having in my own instance been attended
with injury. The On that occasion the of my address
application affords sufficient evidence carry on the face of them sufficient marks
of the diffidence
which accompanied it and of my not being
unaware of the objections to which it stood exposed.

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