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4 Aug. 1808 7
To Mallet

12 continued

In that individual instance, the only inconvenience
to which the refusal subjected me was — in speaking of some of the papers in question the danger of
having fallen into an some instance of incorrectness some unintentional misrepresentation from which the sight of
them, had they been lying before me, would have preserved
me. By As it is the want of these documents, my argument
may have been deprived of more or less of its force:
but the inconvenience, whatsoever it may be, is not, even
in the eyes of him who has been subjected to it, considerable
enough to be considered as forming constituting a subject of complaint,
In some degree Though followed by a refusal, the application
has not altogether failed of its intended purpose: viz the
making it evident that misrepresentation should any
be eventually be found to have taken place, had not any
sinister motive or intention for its course.

The papers in question were sent in: and should
it happen to them to be lost to him who had considered
himself them as forming part of his property, none of them
having any value that he is aware of beyond any that that, if any which they may be
found to have with reference to this the present Account,
the loss will have nothing of loss in it but the name.

13 — 4
But had the
Inspectors requisitions
been complied with
J.B. might have
found himself divested
of State-papers
of an unlimited

But by the same Officer under whose cognizance the
above papers when sent in happened to fall a mass of papers of
a very different in description as well as extent were called for: viz. the
whole of whatever correspondence I had might have to been carrying
on with the Treasury, during a period of fifteen years on a subject which at the time
had occupied some part of the attention of Parliament,
and if I am rightly informed though [+] [+] though without
any step taken towards
my part that end
on the point of being
submitted to its that attention once more.

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