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5 Aug. 1808 10
To Mallet

15 — 6
For want of the
notice suggested,
papers of any degree
of importance to
an Accountant
are liable to be
obtained from
him — and on
false pretences,
and he to be thus
robbed of them.

Obtaining goods on false pretence, g money or
money's worth — mars merchantable commodities is
an offence, punishable with transportation with its etceteras.
Obtaining papers, though they be state papers
they not being merchantable commodities, is a practice
whether offence or not, is not comprehended under the
same punishment. But it is a real practice It is however not the less a practice such as ought
not to be in use, not less under the authority of a public
Board, a Judicatory having cognizance of preserving causes
of to the importance of which there are no limits and
against which, with submission, it concerns that limit
to be upon its guard.

For this purpose, the present instance, if not in respect
of what has been done, or arrived at will serve at any rate
as an exemplification and illustration of what might
at any time be asked at, and might be done.

16 — 7
J.B. does not
regard it as most
probable that the
Inspector had in
this instance, any
such sinister vices.
But he can not
be sure that he
had not.

That I may not in the way of insinuation
give birth to an opinion, of the truth of which I am
not myself satisfied. I think look upon it as incumbent upon
me to acknowledge that if I were the question put to me were
Do you look upon it as certain, that or as most probable in calling for the
papers in question the individual officer in question had
any of these improper intentions which you speak of as
being on one occasion like that in question capable of
being harboured — my answer could be in the negative.
But if the were the further question put to me, are you in your
own mind altogether assured of the negative — my answer
could be no otherwise than in the negative. As one the individual
is altogether unknown: to those by whom he is known, to them and
not [+] [+] not to me, it belongs
to pronounce

as well as the circumstances
in which he
is placed.

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