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5 Aug. 1808 + 12
To Mallet

18 — 1
III. Supposed Untrustworthiness
of the Board, in
the state of darkness
above indicated.

III. I come now to my third and last topic and that a
topic of greater delicacy: and this is [what regards] the
degree of influence in under the state of darkness above indicated with which the Board and its proceedings
are looked up to as may be expected to be looked
up by an Accountant.

In my own at the outset of the business,
this confidence was entire. It had for its ground, [+] besides the character
of a public judicatory,
regulated by a
laws for the correction
of abuses
list of the Commissioners, and the places soon to be occupied
on that list by two gentlemen, in particular, not to speak
of others whose title to confidence had been certified was so fully attested to
every body Accountant by the public voice was so universally acknowledged.

19. 2
Exemplification in
the present instance
threatened confidence
placed in the Board
by the Accountant
at the outset

1. Originals of evidence
not preserved
2. Examination
3. Form Shape of the
evidence reformed
to the pleasure
of the Board.

The first proof, of that confidence are stand manifest upon
the face of my part of the correspondence: papers as well as books sent
in to serve as vouchers, without any such precaution as that of preserving
vouchers copies: tender made of my own personal
attendance for the purpose of being examined upon
oath or queries addressed on the face of the account to the Board, applied to by
a Query which had for its object the taking the directions
of the Board respecting the shapes in which such evidence
as I had to adduce should be presented, and the requisite authentication
and explanation given to the Books and papers above mentioned
besides other articles of information necessary for the my guidance
and which otherwise than by communication from the
Board it was impossible I should Possess.

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