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5 Aug. 1808 *14
To Mallet

23 — 6
The Judges being
anonymous and
invisible, and such the
proceedings ascribed
to them, capable of the
confidence was a
necessary consequence.

After these explanations, assertion above spoken
of, the assertion I mean of that confidence which
at the outset was on my part as above stated so
perfect and so visible, will not now I flatter myself
be found either unaccountable or unreasonable.

Letters addressed, destined as they purported to be upon the face of them
for the consideration of certain persons, supposing them
to exist, with the authority (in the behalf in question)
of Commissioners. In the reply no marks of so much as
real existence, on the part of any person, other than
the always existing Secretary: and all marks of real
existence being wanting, the utter absence of all marks
of consideration are is the less to be wondered at.

24 — 7.
Consequent surprise
that the Commrs
on such occasions
really take cognizance —
but that the complaints
a subordinate
officer receive
no answer but
from the Officer
complained against.

I beg, Sir, that my on this occasion my
design may not be in such sort misunderstood misconceived, as
to be taken for an attempt at pleasantry. Of The ridiculous
there is indeed not wanting in the case no want
but the real cause of it by lies in the state of things,
which it was thus necessary to delineate as not in
the pen of the delineator.

The purpose design which dictated it is a serious
one, and it is this. My interpretation of the matter,
or to say the least, my suspicion in relation to it, is
that whether on other occasions and to purposes
a set of Commissioners capable of exercising and exercising accordingly
an authority over the officers acting under them
with the official title of Inspectors and Chief Inspectors
do or do not exist — on the occasion in question, or at
any rate to the purpose in question no such Judges of paramount appeal
have had existence.

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