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6 Aug. 1808 26
J.B. to Mallet

38 — 21
The Its favourableness
was established
by their silence
taking no notice
of the complaints
made in J.B.'s
hasty letter, praying

But the greater the lengths which the gentlemen in
question, (always supposing their existence) had given in
their giving venturing to give/taking upon them an answer void of all marks of discernment
to a letter so replete with and destitute of suggestions
and observations that seemed to call supposed and called for
discernment, the stronger and more expressive were the marks of that good
understanding which it was thus evident had place between
this defendant and those his supposed Judges.

39 — 22
Setting aside
causes of displeasure,
it was not
to be expected that
anonymous, invisible,
and thence
irresponsible Judges
should afford relief
to a stranger
complaining against
a subordinate
with whom they
were in daily

The existence of such good understanding being
thus established, what possible chance of any thing
like justice could be presented by a complaint
professed presented to a judicatory, acting under such circumstances?

The complainant, a stranger whom, they had never
any of them seen, nor ever expected to see.

The defendant, a friend and a friend rendered not
the less agreeable to them for by the inferiority of the
relation in which they would since found him placed
and a friend with whom they saw themselves then
being, and for the remainder of their respective lives
in habit of daily intercourse: a friend moreover
whose experienced faculty of thinking, or at least of
writing in a manner in which a man would not
be warranted in writing, unless he thought — promised afforded/offered
and gave to them an exemption as constant as
they found stheir convenience in accepting, from a task so
laborious a task — from a task which even when
it finds faculties able to bear it affords finds so unpleasant
an occupation to so large a quantity proportion of a this mans time.

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