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6 Aug. 1808 30
To Mallet

46 — 30
By this anomaly
the demand for individual
is not lessened but

But For turning this anomalous feature in its favour,
is the Audit Board however the less of a judicatory? By writing
in itself to the functions of Judge those of plaintiff,
does it the office stand the less in need of those checks the utility,
of which not to say the necessity, is so universally recognized
in the instance of all its ordinary the judicatories? I [+] and that without a single
exception even in favour
of the very highest.

47 — 31
It exercises protracts within
its field the inquisitorial
exercised by the
Inquisitees &c
in theirs.

On the contrary the demand for those checks is
but the more urgent: [the powers its powers it exercises] are
but so much the stronger, so therefore ought to be the its checks.
It possesses and exercises those searching powers, which
are possessed and exercised by the Inquisitorial Courts.
the Inquisitions above mentioned. To the utmost extent
of sufferance it is in fact a Court of Inquisition. an Inquisition
In the employing of on with application this mode obnoxious their never so unpopular Pardon me, Sir
and obnoxious a name, I have no such purpose
as that of reproach or chatter. In being what it is a Court of
Inquisition, it is no more than what it ought to be,
and must be and what to be of any use, it ever must be. In my
own instance what I have complained of is — not
the use made of these powers, but the abuse.

48. 32
The propriety of
that power is
not here disputed.

[A judicatory which has divested itself of the faculty
of putting questions to a suitor whether in the station of
plaintiff or defendant, has divested itself of a power one of the powers
indispensably necessary the of which to its rendering administering real justice. It may
be and assuredly is — not the less well equipped for the purpose
of buying and multiplying fees: but by divesting itself of
the faculty of putting making the necessary questions inquiries it has divested
itself of the faculty of penetrating to the bottom of that
well which is the seat of Truth the necessary foundation
of all real justice.]

may be and is
not the less well adapted equipped
to for the purpose of keeping
fees [to its own use]
but as it has rendered
itself destitute.

Whoso (As who reads my
Answers, should it be
their destiny to have any
other reader than my
Inquisitor Mr Chief
Inspector will bear me
witness: if not in by his
life at any rate in
his mind — to me
there has been no fifth

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