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16 Aug. 1808
Arrangements proposed
12 V. Responsibility

If the har protection harbour thus formed for incapacity
joined to improbity in the shape of indolence
is to such a degree improved, as that no harbour
at all, well or ill applied is required to be bestowed
no time at all expended by the possessor of the Office
the relative the personal utility of the office is in this state of
things so screwed up to its maximum, and the
raised to the pinnacle of perfection, and the office
becomes dignified with the name of -care

It then becomes fit for the reception of any the
most worthless and incapable of his dependants.
It becomes ready at all times to serve as constitute a reward to
merit: if that sort of merit of the existence of
which the only proof, but in such eyes a quick
sufficient proof is the existence of the reward: [of
this of the office thus employed ] the application
made of the office to the pretended purpose of reward.

If what is above be true in what is above there be any truth, the
preference given to attachment observable degree of attachment observable
to the principles of responsibility and publicity on the
one hand or the opposite principles or irresponsibility and
impublicity on the other will on in the part of a
public man, a Minister invested with such patronage
afford a criterion for the degree in which
the union of probity and intelligence talent is stands exemplified
in the composition of his character. To a more wise and honest Minister who is at the same
time wise and honest, it will be a constant object of endeavour
carry in the instance
of all any Office under his
patronage, to carry the
application of the created principles
of responsibility
and publicity to as
high a pitch as possible
to one who is either
dishonest or weak, it
will as naturally be an object to carry the application of the opposite principles, the principles of irresponsibility and impublicity to,
and number them at as high a pitch as possible.

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