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5 Aug. 1808 VI +
J.B. to Mallet
VI Irresponsibility Conclusion

Whereas it happens to be at the same time above fear
and as much above hope in the time as he is below
it — another.

Of the instances
in which abuse
has place,
so far do the
conditions necessary
to the correction of
it concurr, that
when they do
it is a man's
duty to put
them to use

Of the many instances, on which even under our
constitution, excellent as it is, official misconduct encreases
itself, there are so few in comparison that find an individual
who to the inclination and happens to add the
power of bringing them out to public view; that where
these requisites happen to be formed united in conjunction is appears
to me that the individual who fails to give
the problem the benefit of them is wanting in his
duty to the his country and to mankind. In nineteen
instances out of twenty whatsoever ground cause for complain accusation
may have presented itself, personal prudence in some
shape or other stifles it.

J.B. having
in forwardness a
wish requiring mention
to be made of the practice
of do mass judication
would be sorry to have
to report in the instance
of the Audit Board
neglect of this warning.

In a work which is in some forwardness the different
work of judicatories which the establishment affords, will to
a particular purpose come, of course, under resistance
On the subject of the Audit Board — if such it must
be called — the Audit Court for the reason already given
I would rather wish to have it called — it would be matter
of real sincere concern to have ultimately to report that
of the two branches of its the duty that which regards
the public and that which regards individuals, the first
is continues to be exercised nobody knows how, and the other to be
trampled upon.

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