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10 Aug. 1808 XII +
To Mallet
III. Personal examination

III By Personal examination
as it proved, a
labour would
have been saved in
the present instance
theirs recommended
to the Board

Under the notion of proving my the title to the which I
felt myself to possess as possessing to the confidence of the Board, I
took the earliest opportunity of offering myself, as ready and willing to submitt to
that course personal examination which if I had been rightly understood aright
informed it was lay within the power and was not foreign to
the practice of the Board to administer. I

In the only view which I then took at that period I had obtained of the business, it
was at that time, I will confess no part of my wish
to be taken at my word. To have attended for that purpose
would have cost me at least one whole morning: to
afford furnish/obey in writing all such answers requisitions as after [+] during the period of
unabated confidence

the spontaneous information I had furnished in the first
instances, presented themselves as likely to be made, would
require according to my this present calculation such calculations as I had armed myself with require but a small
portion of that time.

In J.B.'s instance
a morning thus
would have save a
though not at the outset
not expecting the
needless vexation he
experienced, he had
no desire to see the
tenders he made for
reputation sake accepted.

But when the paper of Queries and Requisitions made
its appearance — that paper which has formed the subject
matter of my paper of complaints charges it then became matter
of deep regret to me that I had not been as above taken at
my word. Virtually delivered a very few observations
would have sufficed to cover the irrelevency or in other
respects the inutility of the requisitions with which I was found
myselfassailed. At the expense of one day I might have
preserved myself from a labour which (including this
portion of it which has been expended in the time the humble endeavours
to act in the character of an unpaid uncommissioned indeed and but not less zealous servant of the public
hope of rendering service in some shape or other to the
public) has occupied consumeds a circumstance which I
cannot reflect on without regret even without
a sort of shame — little less than a month — of a time
which had been allotted to what I had flattered myself would prove more useful

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