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27 July 1808 + 11
Reasons against Vouchers &c

II. Secondly and lastly, as to the virtual exclusion predilection in favour of
contemporary Vouchers, to the virtual exclusion of subsequential and
succedaneous ones from the same source.
II If, for dispatch and saving of trouble and expence ready written
declarations, signed by the party him, who in a trial
would be the witness, would have to testify them are preferred to other more trustworthy may with propriety be preferred to declarations
from the same person in the more trustworthy shapes above spoken of
evidence, being in ordinary cases regarded
as sufficiently trustworthy may with propriety be admitted to this special purpose may be if, on this special occasion be they may with propriety admitted,
granting the propriety of this admitting, it should seem that
in default of these contemporary evidences, if such
they may be called, other declarations to the same
effect, from the same person, might it should notwithstanding
seem at any distance of time, unless in case of
special suspicion of fraud, entertained for special cause, be
with equal facility be accepted. Fraud it is
true may have given rise to evidences documents of the posterior date:
but so may it to evidence of in the same shape
though contemporary with the transaction of which
they speak: for, it is of evidence of in this form for want of the securities above spoken of [+]1 [+]1 it is an essential
character of evidences
of this description to be

it is the essential character to be exposed to fraud
and to be suitable liable to be employed as
instruments in the hand of fraud, and to be but
too well adapted to that purpose.

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