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24 May 1813 +

Appointment of an Arbitrator by Jy Bentham under 52.G.3.c.44.

In pursuance Under and by virtue of an Act intituled "An Act for the
"erection of a Penitentiary House for the confinement of Offenders
"convicted within the City of London and County
"of Middlesex" and for making Compensation to Jeremy
"Bentham Esquire for the non-performance of an Agreement
" between the said Jeremy Bentham and the Lords
"Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury respecting the custody
"and maintenance of Convicts" I the said Jeremy
Bentham, having seen in the an instrument of transmitted to me
on the part of the said Lords Commissioners, [+] in and
whereby they by which instrument they the said Lords Commissioners do declare themselves to have chosen and appointed
"John Bullock Esquire Barrister at Law to be
"an Arbitrator on their part for the purpose of settling all
"questions between the public and myself arising out
"of the said Agreement in the said Act mentioned, on
"which by the said Act are to be settled by two Arbitrators
"to be chosen, as by the said Act is directed,"
do hereby on my part, in conformity to pursuance of the said Act
hereby "choose and appoint" John Whishaw Esquire
of Lincoln's Inn Barrister at Law and one of the
his Majesty's Commissioners for the auditing of the Public
Accounts, to be an Arbitrator on my part for the
purpose of settling all such questions as aforesaid ..
Dated this twenty fourth day of May one thousand eight
hundred and thirteen
Jeremy Bentham.

[+] marked on the face of which, at
the top in of the
the first page thereof, in
the handwriting in which
the sense is written
at the top of the first
is written the
word Copy, but
to which are subscribed,
as appears to me
to me in a different hand three different
or different hands, three
several names viz
N. Vansittart,
F. Robinson and
Jas Brogden, a
blank being left
for the date.

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Panopt. Appointment of an Arbitrator by Jy Bentham under 52.G.3.c.44





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