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To come to Convicts, in the case of the Hulks, what previous disbursement
had the Contractors any of them even made? — not any. In the year 1778
money worth double what it is at present, Mr Duncan Campbel
Penitentiary Report of the a
Committee of that
Year 1799

had £36 a year per man, equal to £72 present
money. Partly by other causes, partly by my offer it was afterwards
reduced to about £20: my price was £12.
Had theirs been like mine a Contract for the longest of two lives, and a proviso for that compensation that
Contract under a provision for compensation that like mine rescinded, what previous disbursements would
they have had to produce prove? and for the want of such proof would
any part the compensation due to them for non fulfilment, have
in any part been d subtracted?

Question But these disbursements of yours of any sort that has
been why do you withhold them? why conceal them. then keep them back? why then endeavour to unwilling
to bring them to view

Answer. Not I p for concealment most assuredly. Not a
penny of them is there that I have any wish to conceal, any
interest in concealing — not a penny but what I should be
happy to bring in view and would bring to view if it were
possible practicable.

My objection to the bringing them forward are
1. That for the reason abovementioned, any such account would
be is to be irrelevant.
2. That the endeavours to make it out would be in a great
part fruitless.
3. That in toto it would be vexatious: productive of certain
vexation and loss of time to myself and to would be various other
4. That it would give room for disadvantageous
as well as unjust inferences and practical contentions £12,000
more or less, I realise it at. Suppose half proved, the other half
left unproved because unproveable. What is the inference that would be result according to/under the prospect held out
from this failure to me as above would be the consequence of
this failure? Instead of the profit that would have been made
under the contract, increasable profit at 15 per Cent upon the
ballance of £6,000.

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