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Question. But you, who were so ready to have undertaken eager to undertake the management
of so complicated a concern with 2000 workmen to be employed
in it — with such negligence about accounts what sort of a hand
could you have made of it?

Answer — I have no such thing to reproach myself with as negligence
in regard to accounts — measures by Account Book keeping in all its branches of which mercantile
is but one
Two persons are paid by whom
so close anxious particular so close an attention to the subject has been
paid. Witness a work of mine in 8vo volume published originally in Springs
Annals of Agriculture, translated into French, and under Witness my Book the work intituled Panopticon
Bonaparte Consulate circulated by the Constituted authorities in which so much is said of the art of Book keeping
of Book- keeping in so many senses besides the pec naked pecuniary
sense, and considered
as applied
to the moral as
well as economical
of the proposed

Answer In a state the instance of prosperity — upon a scale large
enough to pay a thinking mind for its trouble, accounts kept
with hitherto unexampled clearness would have been a source
of pleasure as well as pride. [+] In my Brothers
Accounts even the
Housekeeping ones were
comprized. For to
keep out aloof from of the crowd
of contents, the greatest
part of my time was
employed in an apartment
in a
Farm House five
miles distant, to and
from which my feet
always carried me.
To have exacted these Accounts from
my Brothers would have as no econom antieconomical a policy as
in but one circumstance it would have been a cruel one
if The time that was more sufficient for the necessary inventions,
inspections and negotiations, any portion would
have been any but improfitably spent in the planning
drawing out of Accounts for which at the time of day no
other use could have been found than that of checking
dishonesty which we were always assured had no existence

In a word antecedently to the regular receipt of the
public money, for to there would have been no any such accounts —
accounts of preliminary expenses would have had
no object: from the moment of the their receipt of the obligation
would have commenced, and the engagement my
the sense entertained by me of the importance of it is
expressed over and over again in my abovementioned

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