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2 5 May 1812 +
1. Compensation deferred Panopticon — Compensation Claim

For public use J.B. had given the analysis of damages and do of
compensation: the excuse is in case when he has to apply it to
his own private use, the need of assumption of the principle
for the purpose.

6. In the present instance any adequate information 6. So far as concerns internal compensation, in the present instance
compensation adequate though, but simple interest compensation — any the most distant approach to it
is but too plainly impossible. If sensibility Even supposing sensibility to
remain unaccompanied able to the end of life, it would require an engine a
condensing power such as has not yet been invented, to
form, into a portion of life commencing at the age of 65
a quantity of comfort, equal to that which but for the damage
would have been contained in a portion of the same
life commencing at 45.

7. That which it remains in the power of external human hands
operative to administer is external compensation as
above described.

8. The shape to which the mass of external compensation ordained provided by
the law in question as, confined as it could not but be
confined, is the pecuniary shape alone: the compensation administered
is to be administered by a sum of money:
given of money given at the expence of the public to the individual
by whom the damage has been sustained.

9. But even where the compensation is confined to
as in practice it commonly is to this shape, damage sustained in
the that same shape neither need be nor in practice is
the only damage to which the reparation of compensation in this shape
is applied: in the same shape it is applied only not
only injuries to property, but to injuries to person
to injuries to reputation, to injuries to condition in life.

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