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26 Apr. 1813 + 5
Panopt. Compensation Claim §§.2. Claim, its 3 branches
(2) 2

1. As to Damage by capital expended, as above.
In the Act + + 82.G.3.c.44.§50
20th April 1812
the words applying applicable/bearing reference to this branch of the
damage are as follows (§§.4) "And the said Jeremy Bentham
"states himself to have expended large sums of money over and
"above the said sum of £2000 money

"[over and above the said sum of two thousand pounds]
".... in making preparations for the performance of the said
"Agreement on his part, with respect to the plan of the said
"intended building, the employment to be therein given to
"Convicts Convicts, and the system of management thereunto
"to be adapted, and to have transferred, and with enlargements
"adapted to the object of such preparations, an extensive
"system of mechanical works, of the invention
"of his Brother, Brigadier General Samuel Bentham, to
"whom the same were secured by divers Patents, and
"whereon a Capital to a considerable amount, produced
"by the sale of divers Estates had been expended,
"from which by reason of such transference, no advantage
"therefore could nor can now be reaped; and it
"is also stated by the said Jeremy Bentham, that the said
"Brigadier General Samuel Bentham has relinquished
"in his favour such compensation as the said Samuel
"Bentham might be entitled to in respect of the matters
"aforesaid" ...

2. Damage As to damage by loss of such profits as might
reasonably be have been expected, from the capi said inventions, on
which capital had been so expended as above. For this
part branch also of the claim the words just will, it is
presumed, be considered as constituting a sufficient ground.

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