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14 May 1813 + 8
Panopt. Compensation Claim I. Capital
§§.3. Capital continued


In plain proof of his not believing it to be true
So to inliness of but
one is neither more nor less than despotism
than of being to pretend to be
are not thus advanced

4. Reason

Notwithstanding the decision that has been seen,
by which utility has been pronounced stands considered as useless

In indiscriminate terms, and without some distinctive
words, it would be difficult not be easy I should imagine to find
one instance in which of a person by whom in imitation of the opinion which
pronounced utility useless; reason has been termed pronounced to be irrational. no such the expectation seems not a very rational
one that any person should be found by sufficiently
assured of the imbecility or improbity of those whom he has to deal with,
to take upon him
to attac attach to impute
to Reason the reproach
of being

The case of religion however presents an exception
and accordingly, if, when applied to the subject so designated,
the use of reason has not perhaps been
to mind pronounced irrational it has however been not infrequently
pronounced by irreligious by meaning purely
something a great deal worse.

The £12,000 or thereabouts was raised, by the
selling, partly by Auction partly by private
Contract, Estates of the producing an annual rent of £520 or
thereabouts: which Estates, exception except to a comparatively
inconsiderable amount, were in land, and that
freehold of inheritance: the rest copyhold of inheritance:
in houses, a mere trifle.

Particulars are extant — 1. In manuscript,
viz. in the Rental, written by in the handwriting of my late father, from whom
they descended to me, and who on his death, which happened
in March 1792, they descended to me: 2. In
in viz. in a Particular dated (a copy of which I have) advertised and circulated
by Mr Young of Chancery Lane Auctioneer,
by whom, on the day therein mentioned, viz. 4th of Decr 1792,
abo a portion amounting to about half, were was sold, by Auction at Garraways:
the rest afterwards by private Contract.

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