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22 Apr. 1813 + §§.4
Panopt. Compensation Claim II Inventions
§§. 4 Patent Inventions

(2) 7

Question 3. Since the expiration of the Patents, the specification of the two principal
and of them having been made public so long ago as
in 179 1801 1796 and 1799 + + viz in Tilloch's
Magazine Date of
Patent for planing
26 Novr 1791: Date of
publication in Tilloch's
Magazine, 1796.
Date of Patent for
working in Wood &c
17 23 April 1793:
Date of publication,
viz. in Tilloch 1799.
of the said inventions were [+]really [+] really susceptible
of profitable application
to any such
degree as is above
as beneficial as supposed above
how happened it that since that time no either other person
has taken any of them up, and turned them to account?

Answer. If In the nature of the case, it is impossible will be
manifestly enough, impossible for me or any one else, to take upon himself to
state that state, with any positive particular and peremptory assurance what in the case in
question was the consideration by which the minds of so
many persons interests indefinite a multitude of persons all of them unknown to me are actually determined. But
a variety of considerations circumstances circumstances such as suffice jointly or even severally
considered, will I apprehend be found sufficient to account for such forbearance are obvious seem not unobvious

1. Of a the degree species of such ingenuity, as with an accompanied with appropriate knowledge and experience, analogous
to that by which the several inventions
in question had been brought to their then present state,
it would, in each instance, have required in inconsiderable share,
to surmount the difficulties, which [+] [+]in those several cases could not but oppose themselves
to the performance fulfilment of the tasks necessary to the
setting up, and bringing into operation, a manufactory,
adapted in all points to commercial purposes. Appliedpplicable
to a line of manufacture so compleatly new, any
such portion cha combination of qualifications, even in this mechanical and
manufacturing age and country, are may be presumed to be rare in the extreme.

2. In a case of this sort, after the fullest directions
which, in a Patent specification, it is possible to give, to
carry an invention into practice, especially upon a l
scale large enough to profitable, it could not but in any to afford an adequate profit
is an assistance that could not but, in many instances, be
little less than necessary, is — the seeing not the products of the
invention but the actual operation by which they
have been produced. After the cessation of the course of experiments
by which they had been produced, the several machines with specimens
of their products were packed up and locked up in lumber rooms and r in
my custody, where they
remained inaccessible to
every body, without a
permission and attendance
the trouble of which
was what nobody had any claim
upon me for, in addition
to the vexation which pressed upon me in abundance from so many other sources.

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