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21 Apr. 1813 +
Panopticon Compensation Claim III Patent Inventions
(4) 9

In his Majesty's Dock Yard at Portsmouth, under the
Under the name general denominations of Metal Mills and Wood Mills,
several the extensive establishments have been carried on
for some many years been carried on, under the direction exclusive direction of my said Brother + + S.B. Statement of
Services pp. 140 & 179.
in all which [+] [+] if I have been
rightly informed
(for I have never seen
them) more or less
though I know not
precisely what
more or I am informed by him
less use has all along been is made of his my Brothers patent inventions,
as above: In this always without any recompense received to either
of us unless to any part of his
or applied for by either of us, unless of the official salary, which
was appointed for him, before the establishment of those
works works in any such place was in contemplation, any part be placed to that account.


Of one of the concerns comprized in that establishment — the
concern for recreating manufacturing decayed Copper Smelting
he has lately made up the account, and the result is that
after repaying the whole of the capital advanced upon
it by government it has for some years produced to government a real
and can will continue to produce to government a
real saving in money to the amount of £40,000 a
year, over and above the advantage attendant on the
fully established, though of late enormously contested superiority of the article in respect of

Had the still more important duties of his office allowed him leisure,
he could in that same secure situation, [+] with or without
given through real
he could have given through all the specified
duties permitted the greater number if not the whole number of them the inventions
secured to him as above by patents: there being
few of them, if any, but what in what
one way or other would have been applicable to his Majesty's
service: and by that means, not improbably, have
brought them, some or more or all of them to a that state of
perfection, in which the communication of the method
employed as practiced already practiced in so extensive and thence in a
proportionably profitable scale
might have been employed as a source
of profit. But considerable as those might have been
the advantage derivable from these inventions with a
view to the pecuniary concerns of an individual, they
were all of them, with relation to the public service, of inferior , when compared with
with the other so many other public works and undertakings, by which his time was so
made by the planning and execution executing of which [+] [+] [-] so large of so large a portion of
but together being his time, and by the
against the undesirable struggle he has had to make
maintain against the undiscriminating
relentless opposition at
all times made to
them, in so much larger
part, of his time has portion, has
occupied from first
to last been occupied.
a very
to by which by other demands
more immediate and
urgent, his attention
was called off.

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