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April 1813 E 1o
Panopt. Compensation Claim III. Contract
§§.5. Contracts grounds of

(2) 10

III. Loss III The "loss and damage" now in question under the third head consists in the loss of whatever profit might have been produced
under the Contract, in question; being a contract for the maintenance of 1000 prisoners
every year during the lives of myself and my said
Brother, and the services of us
my own life, (my age is 65) and that
of my said Brother; aged 56: the contract having for the basis the
facility of drawing from assurance of rending, by means of the system of machinery above mentioned in question the labour of the most unpracticed
idlers, equal in the character situation of prisoners, equal
at least in its daily value to that of an experienced
and regularly paid hand, employed in giving birth to the
same productions: [+] [+] in addition to which
labour I was to have,
besides land to the amount
of 79 Acres
and 1 Rood, and a
sum of money for
the Building, £12,000
a year for the thousand

By Those who were already in possession of handicraft
trades, capable of being carried on in the penitentiary
establishment consistently with the necessary require discipline: it
was my fixt and, I believe if I recollect right, my
declared intention, to continue in the exercise of those
same trades, were it only for the purpose of keeping
their hands in, that upon their liberation they might
return to society poss in the not only unimpaired but improved possession
of so valuable an advantage. In the hands of unpracticed idlers, together with To those whose
should come into my hands with stock of skill and
experience employed in has been confined to trades not capable of being
so introduced the carried on in the establishment employment in the tasks in question
would have been confined. Finding Keeping the several machines
fed with the several materials on which they are were to operate —
applying the material to the tool, or the tool to the material,
during the purpose of the operation, in a direction
predetermined by the channels formed for that purpose —
for keeping up the requisite motion, turning a wheel or
a winch by hand, in cases in which the same operation
or cluster of connected operations, could not, with more advantage, be performed, upon a
more enlarged scale, by means of a steam-enginein
there may be seen so many examples, of operation, to which,
even from the very first,
the most insolent and
unpracticed idler could
not but be in a considerable
degree competent.
Among them are several those
which in many instances could might even like the operations in coffin works be allotted to children of a tender age.

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