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28 Apr. 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III. Contract
§§ 5. Contractors Ground of

(5) 4

This was the land, I had stipulated for which the use of which in addition
to any the annual head money for the prisoners, I had stipulated
for, and this is what that which Government as above
had engaged to give to me. || || ibid True it is that in the Act of
1794 a clause was may be seen inserted, empowering the Treasury to take
other land in lieu. But this clause was inserted in violation however
of the agreement
long after the abovementioned acceptance, in known undisputed
violation of the agreement made by it, and in spite of my
all remonstrances on my part. The cause was — that
Earl Spencer had an interest in the land. His father, the late Earl not
being a Member of Administration, had submitted to the law:
whereupon the pre under the Act of 1779 the value was
found by a Jury as above. The present Earl, though a
fresh valuation was offered (memorandum of which I
have in Mr Pitt's hand) did not desire to part with his interest in it
(for it was but a Leasehold viz. under the See of York) on any terms. At this conjunction, in came his Lordship
into the Cabinet: and with him his Lordship came into
the Act the above clause. What is above neither was
capable of being, nor was ever endeavoured to be nor was capable of being disguised
partly by interview partly by letter, I had a long
negotiation with his Lordship, who told me in the plainest
terms, though without any thing of asperity at any
time on either side, that if I could compel him to
give up the land I should have it, otherwise not: and
for I forget how many months I was amused by him with the hope of other land of
his not far distant
which hope, when his
Lordship found himself
strong enough, was put
and end to, as above.

In For the commencement of the undertaking on, a
period earlier by half a year than as above might
have been assumed. For though, notwithstanding at the time of the acceptance
given to my Proposal, 10 viz July 1793, it was too late that
to obtain the necessary Act of Parliament, yet there was
nothing to hinder it being obtained at least as early as
25 March 181 1794: For late it the Act being a thing quite in course
and no opposition made or expected: I mention I say as being Quarterday, 25th March 1794. For The remarkably late in the Septe
was the commencement of the Session in that year the Feby 21st the date of the first the earliest Act was passed
as early as the 21st of that
preceding month — February.

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