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28 Apr. 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III. Contract
§§. Contractors expected rate

(3) 10

Under those circumstances, what proportion among the
1000 prisoners continually living under our Management;
what number there might be, who might come to us
possessed of trades of their own, capable of being exercised
within the limits of the establishment (within which limits
it must be remembered that a space of 79 Acres
was included) was not on our own account a matter
of much concern. True it is, that whatsoever were the trades
they had respectively been bred to or experienced in, in those
same trades, so long as Mastermen could be found who
were willing to employ them, it was our fixt purpose to
keep them employed. But that was that we might not
have to charge ourselves with deteriorating their condition
in any respect: on the contrary that we might have the
satisfaction of sending them out by means of the unavoidable
labels of sobriety and labour indirect regulated labour [+] [+] coupled with
the instruction,
religious and moral
and intellectual
which would have
been as regularly
administered, to them
every seventh day,
as their daily bread
any day, be
in a condition to
make better provision do better for themselves in every respect than ever they had
done before.

As to the non-necessity of facility, with which, without any need of appropriate and they already acquired
dexterity, the great operations conducive to the ends of the nature in question,
and conducive to the ends in question could be performed, it was matter of intuition
to Mr Pitt and Mr D Secretary Dundas, and not to speak of the
multitude of the other public men, in and out of administration,
by which whom at one time or other the works
were viewed.

To Mastermen, bringing materials and tools, to prisoners
working as above at their own trades, the peculiarity of their condition, instead
presented instead of inconvenience presented a much convenience and advantage in very important
shapes. Means of drunkenness, temptations to idleness
altogether out of reach. No Saint Tuesday or so much as Saint Monday. On
their the punctuality of their performance a degree of dependence reliance
might therefore be placed beyond any that can be placed on the
performance of the like work by
on the part the hands of Journeymen
at large.

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