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28 Apr. 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§§ Contractors expected rate

(4) 11

In the 79 Acres in question Under these circumstances,
the spot of 79 Acres, to which under the agreement I was entitled,
were considered — such parts as were not occupied part of it as would be left unoccupied by the
buildings or Yards, — rather as a source of health, for
the occasional employment of such of the men whose occupations
would be sedentary and comparatively inactive,
than as affording any additional source of profit. At
that time of day 2s 6d per day was the most com ordinary
of it was not the very lowest pay
I always understood the very lowest pay commonly given to in the vicinity
of the Metropolis, to day-labourers employed in Gardens or
Grounds: and, if I was not misinformed, there is not
any species of day-labour lower paid than especially where science
is out of the question, than Gardener's.

Under these circumstances All these things taken together these it will be conceived,
I imagine, without much difficulty that I could should
not speak truly if I stated were I to state my own expectations of
the profit expected to be derived from the labour of each man at so
low a rate as 2s 6d a day: the expenses of their
maintenance being expected at the same time, in the grounds
that such as will be mentioned presently, expected to have been defrayed by
the £12 a year headmoney which I was to receive.

True it is that by the terms of the Contract to be out of the money earned by them and
so to be received by me, I stood engaged to allow to each
man a one fourth, to be applied as the Draught of Contract printed
in the Report will shew. + + 28th Finance Committe
Report Ao 1798 and Penitentiary
Committee Report
31 May 1811.
But against the deduction there remains
to be set the whole of the Master Manufactures Manufacturer's profit
upon the works such part of the labour of the whole thousand
as would be has beemployed upon the works belonging to the new-invented Mechanism.
Mechanism. As there would be by far the greater part, that against
the deduction here in question this profit may not unreasonably be
set. If however to
my Arbitrators it
should seem otherwise
to me it will they
will in their own minds
reduce it accordingly:
to me, as will be seen
it will b
make no add difference.

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