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14 May 1813 + | 33
Compensation Claim III Contract
§§.6 Contractors expected


Extract of The following passages from a Speech purporting to be a speech made by Mr Secretary Dundas
9 May 1794, as reported in Woodfall's Debates, on the
occasion of his moving "That leave be given to bring in a
"Bill for erecting a Penitentiary House" these have been just
now extracted for me by a friend, the work itself b not being accessible to me.

"When first the plan was mentioned to him" (Mr
Dundas) " and when he was told that
"many of those convicts, who were transported
"to Botany Bay for life, might be usefully
"employed in manufactures in this country,
he owned he thought the scheme a visionary one;
but on more closely examining the mode proposed
by a Gentleman, whose manufactory was
not far from that house, he found that the plan was not only practicable, but also very easy
to be carried into effect; viz by means of a
[+] [+] (a system of machinery
was Mr
Dundas's expression)
which enabled every man to be a manufacturer,
without the assistance of any
skill whatever — It might be said to be a
machine which gave the power of sight without
eyes, & of feeling without hands: merely moving
the machine
(putting the machines in motion) answered all the purposes of completing
the manufacture. A great number of
persons, he was persuaded, might be employed
here, where their labour would be very useful
to the public; and he believed, that with very
little additional expence, the produce of
the labour would equal the expence of carrying
on the work."

In remarking upon some observations from another
speaker, he said "The plan would not only be lucrative
to the persons employed; — but, he was extremely
well satisfied, would defray its own expence.

At the making of this Speech, I myself, as may naturally
be imagined, was present in the Gallery. By Mr Dundas,
who, so lately at my Hous in the Manufactory in question, had
been viewing machines in great multitude and variety [+] [+] at work in three
different houses,
A page all indeed
admitting in some sort of this description but no one to the exclusion of any other
the effect neither was nor could have been, in this way referred to any a single Machine. On the
part of th a Reporter, a mistake of this sort is not much to be wondered at.
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