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1 May 1813 F1 + 3
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§§.7. Other Rates

(1) 1 Pennsylvania Prison

Turnbull p. 108 Number of Convicts 3d May 179, 143

I II II Pennsylvania Prison Rate as per experience.
£335,269:19s:4 1/2d

II Rate according to an estimate deduced from the
The source from whom it is deduced found Grounds of the Statement made of this Rate — is an Account of the
of the Pennsylvania Penitentiary House at Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Prison at Philadelphia for three several follow several quarters of a year, the last the las ending
following one another, the last ending 1 August 1796, as delivered in to the Governing body of that
state, and [+] under the title
of A Visit to the
Philadelphia Prison;
&c by Robert J. Turnbull
of South Carolina,
first published first in Philadelphia, and republished afterwards viz Ao 1797
republished by Phillips George Yard Lombard Street. This is the for any
latest account thing I have ever heard is the most recent Account of that prison, of which public — to be had in England
of that prison that has ever been in to be had in England.

The ensuing particulars are extracted from a very extensive Table, of the Title of which is
as follows, viz. "Abstracts
"taken from the General Statements
"of the Amount of
"Labour done by each
"Convict, and at what
"Occupation, in the Prison
"for the County City and
"County of Philadelphia
"for three successive Quarters,
"commencing from
"1st October, 1795; together
"with the Amount
"of Provisions, Clothes &c
"furnished each Convict
"for the during
"the same period; which
"General Statements are
"contained in three
"Quarterly Reports, made
"to the Board of Inspectors
"by the Clerk of the Prison,
"on the 1st Feb. 1st May,
"and 1st Aug. respectively.

Expenses Receipts

1796 Feb.1. £731.10.8 — — — — 736:0:3.
May 1. £679:3:7 — — — — — — 850:14:8.
Aug. 1 £744:3:4 — — — — — — 870:11:4.
£2154:17:7 £2457:6:3

To this Account are subjoined the following explanations —

1. "The Convicts alone defray by their labour every expense
they occasion to the public."

2. "They not only support themselves, but pay the Salaries
"of all the Officers and attendants about the prison."

3 4 The expenses are thus particularized
"Diet and lodging, jailors and keeper's salaries, wages
"of attendants of every kind, physicians bill &c; shoes,
"and Clothes."

54. The employments at in which the earnings are made
are also particularized set down together with the earnings made from each.

The abovementioned sums are stated to be Pensylvania
6 5 "All the Accounts are in Pennsylvania currency" — says
a note in the Table.

7 6 Of the numbers either of the I find not any mention:
consequently neither of the average number confined in the courts of the Year,
nor of the average number employed in the earning of these sums.

8 7. In the year 1791, August 3d, 143 is was the number of Convicts
in that same prison, as declared by George Meade, Chairman
of the Inspectors, Philadelphia 3d Decr 1792 in a paper
intituled "Extract from the Report of the Board of Inspectors of the Prison"
It is printed occupies the concluding page, being p. 188 of a publication
intituled [+]
[+] An Enquiry how
far the Punishment of
Death is necessary in
Pennsylvania ...
by William Bradford
Esqr To which is added
An Account of the Gaol
and Penitentiary House
of Philadelphia and
of the interior in
by of the interior measurement
thereof; By
Caleb Lownes, of Phildelphia.

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