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28 April 1813 F2 + 5
+1 Panopt. Compensation Claim III. Contract
§§.7. Other Rates

(1) 2 2. New York Rate 1801

p.94 92, 93

II New York Prison Penitentiary House rate as per Expectation experience grounded in experience.
for the year 1801, as per experience — £
Grounds of this Statement made of in relation to this Rate —

1. Ao 1801 or not long after, Thomas Eddy, a
of New York, with who I had not any acquaintance sent
me a pamphlet of 97 pages large 8v with Tables intituled "An Account of the
"State Prison or Penitentiary House in the City of New York".

By one of the Inspectors of the Prison viz as appeared afterwards this Mr
Eddy himself. For

One years Annual profit upon the footing of this experience In round numbers, this may be stated at £12,000:0:0

The grounds of this statement will be mentioned

This annual sum, multiplied by the common
multiplier 24 1/2 expressive of the number of years gives £294,000:0:0

This sum is the amount of the headmoney payable under
my Contract as above, and therefore supposes the expenses of
the prison saved defrayed by the produce of the labour of the

By the printed Report Account published delivered me by the Inspectors of that
Prison in Feby 1803 addressed to the Representatives of
the State and without any difference worth noting
for the present purpose, appears to have been the result
The Account is signed by these Inspectors to the number
of seven. A copy of it was sent to me by
one of the members, viz. Mr Thomas Eddy,
with whom I had had no acc personal acquaintance or
previous intercourse.

In p.1. "Nett profits on the labour work and labour performed
by the convicts for the year 1802 amounts (they say) to 21,874 Dollars 43 Cents
Per contra "Amount of expenditure for the support and clothing of the
prisoners, maintaining the Keepers, and the expence of paying
the Sheriffs for conveying the Convicts from the different Counties is

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