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30 April 1813 F3 + 13
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§.7. Other Rates

(1) 1 3. Paul & Baker

Rate IV. Sir George Paul's and the Reverend Mr Baker's Rate
Say — — — — — £251.125:0.0
III Rate according to an estimate, deduced partly from the
evidence of Sir George Paul
Grounds of this Estimate. partly from that of the Revd Mr
Baker, put together as delivered to the Penitentiary
of 1811

240, 000

Amount of net profit according to this estimate,
£12,000 - £1,750 — ———— £10,250
This multiplied by 24 1/2 the abovementioned common multiplier 24 1/2 years
The For Grounds of this estimate are as follows

1 In his Evidence delivered to the aforesaid Penitentiary Committee
in Sir George Paul note + + Appendix Penit.y Committee Report
31 May 1811.
Appendix, p.46.
"I need not hesitate to say" (says Sir George Hunt) + "that the
"labour of Penitentiary Prisoners, taken exclusively will exceed
"the cost of their clothing and maintenance, and will probably
"supply some part of the expence of the Establishment."

2 Supposing it to supply the whole of that expence,
then the £12,000 a year in question would have to me have
been the whole of it net profit.

3. Remains to be estimated, the expence of the Establishment.
This Estimate the Mr Baker abovementioned
has, in his evidence, undertaken to make for me made for me. I say for
; since it is to my intended in question for the/into in a view and with with express-reference to the
the intended Panopticon Establishment (the establishment here in question) that it is declaredly made.

4. After having spoken of it for some length, under by the description
of "the Contract with Mr Bentham" .... "to evince
(continues he) "that such an agreement does not promise any pecuniary advantages
"to Government" ... . "suppose the Governor, Chaplain
"and Surgeon of the Penitentiary to receive the same Salaries
"as at Newgate, and allowing for a Secretary, with a suitable
"number of Turnkeys and Taskmasters, the yearly
"expence of such an establishment, apportioned among 1000
"prisoners will be only £1.15.." "Besides this" (he adds)
"it is manifest that Penitentiary convicts, under judicious
"regulations, can scarce fail to earn proportionally more
"than can be derived from the employment of those who are subjected
"to short periods of imprisonment.

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