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30 April 1813 15
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§.7. Other Rates

(3) 3 3. Paul and Baker

The evidence of both these gentlemen being the evidence

8. Of both these gentlemen taken together, the evidence Examination,
being comprizing the Evidence, and the only Evidence, on the ground of which my plan Contract
was , being was in and by the Act in question rescinded, which Evidence is in the whole complexion of it unfavourable
to my plan, to a degree which can not but
be obvious to the slightest glance, it seem may not be
altogether necessary when thus referring my Arbitrators to it to observe altogether unnecessary to me [+] now that for the
purpose in question
I find it necessary
thus to endeavour to say point the
attention of my Arbitrators
to it, to observe

that till it was in print I knew nothing of the reference which it bears to my plan,
and that no opportunity of making an answer of to it
antecedently to the printing of the Report which as above was grounded on it, was ever possessed by me; — and that of all the observations
made in it to the procedure of my plan their there is not
one by which I should not have conceived myself able
to give a compleat answer; — and that even the statements representations
therein made pro of my statements compared with such
of these statements on [+] [+] or at the time
of making these representations
were in the
hands of the Reverend
Gentleman by whom
they were made
are printed in that same Appendix,
the corres these representations would be
found to be contain important, not to say fundamental, errors the and
the number of them which I believe, for I have never set myself
to count them, would be found to be far from inconsiderable.

Eloquence, of a sort not altogether free from passion, unimpassioned and the
weight of authority — the sort of authority with which experience
acquired in a commanding situation naturally address applies
itself to the understanding, which it has to deal with, will (I
believe) be found to by any important eye be seen to be
the force sort of force which in the instance of both these Evidences was in both instances principally trusted to for the production
of that persuasion, which appears to have been produced is stated as having been
of which the practical result has been the dealing by with the Contract
in question in the way of which the giving to the Contract
that sort of termination which has been the means of

the practical result of which has been the lodging vesting the trust in question in the hands
of my Arbitrators the trust whichthey have now to execute.

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