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10 May 1813 + 23
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§. 7. Other Rates

(6) 6 Observations

5. Observation the 5th. In the instance of these two last Rates
being the two Southwell Rates the smallness of the scale, in as compared with the largeness
of it in the Claimants case, is will be found found particularly observable.
In the Southwell Prison, in the abovementioned selected and the most favourable week, the
number of the Prisoners is not stated as more than 26,
of which Number 3 are un are stated as unemployed
leaving 23 for the number employed no more than 23.

In the same Table, in and for the last year, described
as being the Year ending on the 24th day of June", but
no year mentioned, the average number in custody is stated
as no greater than 20, average number employed, no mor greater than 13 3/4.

On looking over the sentences employments, given specified in
this weekly account, only two will be found, to which, in
a situation such as the Claimants, with any such view as that of profit any man could for
a moment have entertained a thought of giving admission.
These are Shoemaking and Frame-working Frame-work-knitting: Number of the Earners,
Shoemakers, 3: weekly earnings 14s 6d; 10s 5d; and 8s: Frame-work-knitters,
4: weekly earnings, 11:3 1/2; 9s; 8s:10d, 8s.1d
T Put together, these make 7 out of the 23 workings hands:
of the weekly earnings of the others, not to the amount average amount so much as in
the Claimants Prison might, as above, have been reasonably
expected to be the amount of daily earnings.

Mention the
short period
during which
some of the hands
were employ
imprisoned for

Giving to the Management of the Reverend Gentleman
6. Observation the 6th. The sh In comparison of the shortness
credit for all other desirable quality each to any
of the time, during which yet upon an average in the Southwell prison, the
amount that can be desired, in respect of the
Prisoners would in the upon an average have to continue
quality of prisoners given the mode of management
yielding their profit by through their earnings, the length of the
will I imagine nothing more in it than what
has just bou time during which has just been they would
is bought to view in the above Observations
have had to continue in the Claimants prison, will, it is presumed present itself
scarcely to be regarded a example of the sort of
lend itself in favour of the , a source as constituting,
management which stability to the business with
of considerable as well as unquestionable advantage of
of pecuniary profit.
extensive as those of
the Claimant would
be upon his comparatively
vast scale have been
likely to have exemplified.

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