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1 May 1813 +
Panopt. III Contract
§§. J.B. not to

Omitted in the Paper presented Pitt sanctioned the Rate

To the purpose of any person to liken either the in so long
intended, and now at last happen to discarded system, or the intended managers of it, or either
of them
should happen to be regarded with an hostile mind unfriendly eye, any
such limitation would be of no small eye. Be the
grounds ever so good, the sum sum so named by me would
spread itself every where, [+] [+] (for in this transaction
I know of nothing that
either can or ought
to be secret,)
without any of those grounds for
its support. If to my arbitrators the sum should in any degree appear
excessive — greater in a word greater by any amount than the
sum which it should appear to them proper to award to
me, much more excessive would it appear to any person
regarding this or any the plan or the either of the individuals as above,
with an hostile mind unfriendly eye. [+]2 [+]2 Thus, while [+] While
every thing
of the nature in the way of compensation
and consolation
is an object
of the most profound
uncertainty, so scorn
and ridicule is a
result then which,
in the situation I
am deprecating, I
might be compleatly but too well
afraid of.
Whether As to hostility, whether of that sort of feeling hostility
there be any deficiency, my Arbitrators upon casting an a slight glance
eye upon the Report and the Evidence on which it is
grounded will would be able enable any person to judge. Not that to any of
the persons in question any personal offence can ever have
been given by me. But of all hostility, the most implacable
is commonly that which has never been preceded by
any offence.

Nine Seven hundred and odd thousand pounds was is named
as above, as the least sum which (my own life and my that
Brothers of my Brother having been protracted as they have been) is capable
of representing that annual sum which, as above was itself
but the minimum of the no more than a part of our expectations. [+] [+] What if the intention
announced to me by
the Duke of Portland's
Letter of Match 1800
had been adhered to? —
that minimum would
have been doubled.

Even though they should agree see reason to agree with me so perfectly in respect of
the justice of these

No such sum of course would could my Arbitrators think
of awarding. Why? because in their situation whatsoever
they might regard as proper to be given to me, supposing
it could for that purpose be created out of nothing,
would have for its indispensable limit the sum which it
would appear to them that Parliament The Treasury Lord Administrators could
even with the imperative terms so imperative as those of the Act, before them under its eyes
bring itself to give, and Parliament to endure to give at
the public expence. of the public But to pronounce what it is that
Administration could bring themselves itself to give, even with the unlimited
authority which it has from Parliament, and what it is that Parliament
would endure to see
given at the expense of
the public, belongs surely
to p my Arbitrators to say,
rather than to me.

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