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1 May 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
§§ J.B. not to name

Omitted (3) Pitt sanctioned the rate

Having In speaking of the damage by unfulfilment of
contract, having on pane of making a false statement, and
that at my own prejudice, been the unavoidably led to the

In the occasion of the mention then made for the last time
mention of so vast a sum [+] [+] though never
unaccompanied with
the observation of the
proof of extending
far beyond what I
can expect to find
my Arbitrators considering
as warranted in
I should be wanting to myself
if I did not endeavour to bring to the view of use my best endeavours to impress upon their
the minds of my Arbitrators these considerations which I can
not but flatter myself will in every candid mind suffice
to clear even so large an estimate from every such imputation
as that of absurdity and extravagance.

The administration of the day with Mr Pitt and
the first Lord Melville at the head of it

My proposal including as an effectual article an
engagement to provide employment four for all such of my prisoners
as after their discharge should seek it at my hands,
the administration of the day, with Mr Pitt and the first
Lord Melville at the head of it, [+] [+] I may surely
venture to say
would never have given to
it the acceptance which they did give to it, had they not they
in their own minds been perfectly convinced of my ability
to fulfill this part of my agreement. But, the species of
work which my Brothers inventions embraced — inventions
consisting of mechanical operation which, in great variety
those enlightened Statesmen saw performed before their under their own eyes —
were all of them such as were and are performed by workmen, whose
labour is was then paid for at a rate exceeding more or less — in
many instances in the rates of 2 to 1 to one and more —
the wages of ordinary labour: in the situation in question minimum rate, 2s 6d at the same time that the
the extraordinary dispatch, thus given which by the same means was given to the work, was a result altogether as open to
observation as the faculty of performing it by
these means. N Of these enlightened Statesmen it was therefore their full assurance the compleat persuasion that
by hands in a number exceeding that the stipulated number
of my prisoners such earnings would in my prison and for
my benefit be made.

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