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2 May 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III. Contract
§§.9 Set Offs

(2) J.B.'s repugnance

When, in the year 1801 ǂ ǂ 24 March 1801 upon the resignation of Mr Pitt, and the consequent
change in the Ministry, in the Year 1800 and
the winding up that which, on that occasion, took place
in the business of the Treasury a correspondence
appeared in public, whereby it appeared that was made some time after made
immediately after the notice given to me as above || || §§.4. by the Treasury and the Duke of
Portland (viz (the 25 March 1800) to propose for the reception of 2000 prisoners, || || Mr Long to Mr
Bentham 25 Mar. 1801.

as above, s intimation was given to me, viz by letter from Mr Long one of the then Secretaries to the
Treasury Mr Long
that it was
in contemplation to lay aside the plan in question
aside in giving me compensation, which compensation [+] as declared in a
correspondence held
on that subject without
my privity between
the Treasury and the
Secretary of State's
Office, was intended
to be a "liberal" one

Office, and afterwards
laid before Parliament #

#Treasury Proceedings,
printed by Order of the
H. of Commons 12 June
1801. pp. 79,80,81.

it was intended should be a "liberal" one, upon that Mr
gentleman's going out of office, together in company with his official
superiors, it seems to me that, I might hold
without imputation of impropriety, I might hold
myself excused from returning any answer, and
accordingly no answer did I was returned by me

From that time to the present, in no less than
13 years have I been sitting in almost hopeless silence sitting silent on the ruins of my ruins of
fortune. my prospects, and my fortune. In my character of trustee quo ad hoc for
the public, once only, viz. upon the accession of Mr Addington to the situation of Prime Minister, I did take I took
the liberty of addressing to him a letter which, [+] [+] though from his
discourses to various
persons, I have
as well as a former letter
to myself, I had reason
to flatter myself with
the idea of my
being honoured with
a place in his good
was never not
fortunate enough to obtain an answer. Discouraged by
this ill success and not being able to flatter myself
with any such hope, as that, if the in its character
of a public concern the business was not regarded as I
possessing a claim to the attention of government, it
would be in their the power of any thing I could do or
say to obtain for the subject that attention
to what of itself it was not looked upon as entitled, I
maintained under each successive administration the same melancholy

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